Can we call it “Half Batteries” ?

Are you still using Ordinary batteries for your Diesel engine applications? You should reconsider and consider upgrading to Cummins Pulse Lite VRLA batteries.

Cummins VRLA technology batteries are typically smaller and light weight than other batteries. Half battery can be an interesting name to refer to a Cummins battery. Not just being “Chhota” but also with “Chilli”. Checkout our catalog for exact dimensions.

Cummins Pulse batteries are power packed with higher CCA (simply more current/amps) to crank up the engine instantaneously. Higher CCA Cummins Pulse range catalogue offers batteries for your wide variety of needs.

Cummins Pulse’s very reliable patented VRLA technology is the distinguished feature that comes with promising battery warranty of 24 months. Cummins Battery warrant comes with no ifs and buts, simple and serving.

Let’s discuss, if you want us to find a battery fit for you , be it any brand,

  • Ashok Leyland Diesel Generator
  • Mahindra Diesel Generator
  • Kirloskar KOEL Diesel Generator
  • Cummins Diesel Generator
  • Perkins Diesel Generator
  • Caterpillar Diesel Generator
  • Silent Diesel Generator
  • Green Diesel Generator
  • Luminous Generator
  • Microtek Generator
  • TMTL Generator
  • Eicher Generator
  • Affinity Generator

MinsaTech shares today our successful journey of being with the market leader #Cummins for more than a decade. Be sure to buy Cummins from Minsatech . Contact us for your battery requirements for your diesel generator at

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Working from home & power crisis

Inverter / UPS – Uninterrupted Power Supply , DG – Diesel Generator are the solutions available to tackle the power crisis menace. Summer is not yet started, Chennai is already grappling with the power crisis. Below are the few recent article, that are hinting tipping point of the ice berg.

Notice the impact a power crisis would create to your career. Also frequent power cuts, may create setbacks. Avoid the career crisis, order now the best quality #Cummins Inverter Batteries from Minsa Tech.

Battery CapacityBattery WarrantyBattery Part no.
12V, 150AH TT36 MonthsAX1014757
12V, 180AH TT36 MonthsAX1014758

Not available yet on #Amazon, #Flipkart #Snapdeal. Prices are exclusively best in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. Free delivery is available for certain orders and immediate payments. Online, Down payment & EMI options available.

Please feel free to checkout

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Lubrication pays off

Noria Corporation has been working on enabling reliability through better lubrication process.

For more than 20 years, our approach has changed how organizations manage and monitor lubricants for maintaining optimum reliability and safety. We are the trusted advisor to the world’s leading organizations.

Crude prices raising and with recent price raise notification from #Valvoline. Industries shouldn’t undermine the importance of lubrication of their capital equipments.

Machinery’s get too hot in summer and there by increasing the wear and tear. Save your investments from rust, wear and tear and heat. We at #MINSATECH have a wide range of solution.

From lubricant identification, testing and recommendation, we will make the right choice for you and your industrial needs.

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Why more power cuts in summer?

MINSA Tech being in the power generation solutions, over with a decade of industrial infrastructure experience, have accumulated the key findings that cause more power cuts during summer.

  • Hydro electric power generation reduces
  • Power demand for cooling and comfort systems like fan, AC, cooler
  • Power lines sag more during the heat wave and may snap at night as the temperature cools.
  • Heat wave causes human fatigue and causes delays in the power projects and maintenance.
  • Transmission losses spike with increase in temperature, there by reducing the net power delivered.

Protect your manufacturing, production, research, medical, academic, industrial, small scale, maintenance, remote, operation, design, development and associate projects from power outages.



Valvoline ready stock best price

Valvoline range of industrial lubricants have unmatched reliable performance.

A true companion to your business. Valvoline products are of outstanding quality.

The Valvoline brand is supported by Indian team captain Mr. Virat Kholi.

Valvoline oils and lubricants, offers innovative liquid technology at very affordable price for your industrial consumption needs.

We at MINSA TECH are authorised distributors for Valvoline Cummins.

Our journey with Valvoline Cummins has been very fruitful and we were able to serve thousand of happy customers.

Please reach us out for immediate dispatch requirements to

We have ready stock of the following Valvoline products and offer best price (updated 23/10/2020).

Diesel Special Multi 20 W40( 200 + 10 )#501921
Soluble Cutting Oil -20 Ltr
Transformar Oil (Power Oil)
Apar Is 335/1993 EHV Grade
1/209 Ltrs
Valvoline 102 SG-1/20 Ltr 505437
Valvoline 150 1/210ltrs # 500878
Valvoline Agma EPGear Oil 220/210 Ltr # 500561
Valvoline Agma EP Gear Oil 320 1/20ltr # 500563
Valvoline Agma Gear Oil 320 1/210ltr # 500564
Valvoline Airshield DEF (AUS32) 1/200 Ltr # 504323
Valvoline All Fleet 30 SAE 1/210ltrs # 500270
Valvoline All Fleet Gold 1/11 # 504956
Valvoline All Fleet Gold1/50 Ltr
Valvoline All Fleet Gold 1/55ltr #503593
Valvoline All Fleet Gold 5L
Valvoline All Fleet Gold CI4 #500280 1/210ltr
Valvoline All Fleet Premium CH415w40 # 500284
Valvoline Awh VG 150 1/210LTR #500575
Valvoline AWH VG 32 1/210 LTR 500578
Valvoline AWHVG 46-210ltr 500581
Valvoline AWH VG 68 1/20LTR #500583
Valvoline AWHVG 68 HYD Oil 500584
Valvoline BB EPL2 Grease 1/180KG # 504945
Valvoline Coolent Green Oil 1/210ltr
Valvoline Coolent Red Oil 1/210ltr
Valvoline Cummins All Fleet Gold 15w40 CI41/20
Valvoline Cummins All Fleet Gold CI4-15ltr # 502411
Valvoline Cummins Crown Oil # 500522 1/210 Ltr
ValvolineCummins Drive Trans Oil C4 SAE 10w 1/210
Valvoline Diesel Special Turbo15W40 503205 CF4
Valvoline Diesel Special Turbo 15 W40 CF4#503206
Valvoline Drive Trans C4 SAE 30 1/210L # 500587
Valvoline Drive Trans Oil C4 SAE 10W 1/210Ltrs
Valvoline Drive Trans Oil C4 SAE30 1/20ltr
Valvoline Drive Trans Oil C4 SAE 30 1/210
Valvoline EHVI 100 1/210ltrs # 500590
Valvoline EHVI 46 1/210ltr # 500591
Valvoline ElG Air Lub #500594
Valvoline ELGI Airlube 1/50ltr # 500595
Valvoline Gear Gard 80w90 1/55 # 505139
Valvoline Gear Gard Ep 140 # 500522
Valvoline Gear Gard EP 80W90 #500518
Valvoline Gear Gard EP90 1/20ltr # 505143
Valvoline Gear Gard Ep 90 1/210 # 500527
Valvoline Gear Gard EP 90 1/55ltr # 503717
Valvoline HLP 32 # 500598 1/210ltrs
Valvoline HLP 46 1/210ltr#500599
Valvoline HLP 46 Supper Clean 1/210 # 501918
Valvoline HLP 68 # 500600 1/210 Ltr
Valvoline Koolant Classic 1/210Ltrs # 506336
Valvoline Koolant Concentrate 1/210ltrs # 500205
Valvoline Koolant Concentrate 210L # 500205
Valvoline Lithium Grease EP2 1/18kg #505345
Valvoline LMP Grease NLG 3 1/10kg
Valvoline LMP Grease NLG3 1/18kg #505164
Valvoline LMP GREESE NLG 3 #500548 1/180kgs
Valvoline MP3 Grease 20 Kg
Valvoline Power Select 15w40 1/210 Ltr #506310
Valvoline Power Select Max #506309 1/210ltr
Valvoline Premium Blue 15w40 CH4 1/210 # 500255
Please reach us out for immediate dispatch requirements to info@minsatech.comValvoline Premium Plus 15w40 CI4 1/210
Valvoline Premium Plus 15w40 CI4 1/210ltr#505393
Valvoline Premium Plus CI-4 Plus SAE 15w40
Valvoline Premium Plus CI-4 Plus SAE 15w40 E1
Valvoline Rock Dril Oil -# 500611
Valvoline RPO 02 DW #500886 -210ltr
Valvoline Soluble Cutting Oil 1/210ltr # 500614
Valvoline Superkool Extra 1/210ltr -# 503531
Valvoline Superkool Xtra 1/210lte 503531
Valvoline Thermo Medium 1/210ltrs # 500621
Valvoline Transformer Oil 1/2 10 Ltr
Valvoline Transformer Oil 500631 1/210 Ltr
Valvoline Unitrac FR3 1/210 LTR 502123
Valvoline VG 100 # 500574
Valvoline XLD Plus 10W 1/210L # 500638
Valvoline Geargard Super GL585W140 1/210ltrs # 500523
Valvoline Power Select Max Plus 15W40 1/20L # 506854
Valvolin Power Select Max Plus 15W40 1/55L # 506853
Valvoline Power Supreme 15W40 CF4 1/210ltrs # 500250
Valvoline PowerSelectMaxPlus CI4 Plus 1/210ltrs # 506311

Please reach us out for immediate dispatch requirements to


Cummins battery price ready stock

Cummins VRLA range of diesel generator batteries out perform any other batteries due to patented thin plate technology. It delivers better Cold Cranking Amps (CCA), which is ideally suitable for dg set, generator, starter motor applications.

At MINSATECH We have best price ready stock Cummins battery range, available with us for immediate dispatch. At MINSA TECH, we offer ready stock and best price to our esteemed customers. We also offer, excellent after sales support, actively collaborate with customer and company for any warranty claims and replacement.

The following original cummins batteries are available with us.

AX1006288 Charger Battery 24V/10AH
AX1012843 Battery Pulse Lite 12V 65AH
AX1012844 Battery Pulse Lite 12V 100AH
AX1012845 Battery Pulse Lite 12V 160AH
AX1012900 Battery Pulse Lite 12V 32AH
AX1013233 Battery Pulse_12V_32AH
AX1013234 Pulse-24V-20AH
AX1013235 Battery Pulse_24V_32AH
AX1013236 PULSE_24V_80AH
AX1013237 Pulse-24V-100AH
AX1013418 Trustart 12V-80AH
AX1013419 Trustart 12V 100AH
AX1013421 Trustart 12V-150AH
AX1013472 Trustart 12V-90AH Left
AX1013473 Trustart 12V-90AH Right
AX1013485 Trustart 12V-65AH Left
AX1013486 Trustart 12V-65AH Right
AX1013535 Trustart 12V-180AH
AX1013769 Trustart 12V-200AH
AX1014110 Trustart 12V/120AH
AX1014429 Battery Pulse Value Plus
AX1014757 Tall Tubular 12V150AH
AX1014758 Tall Tubular 12V180AH

Feel free to reach us out at for instant quote.


Cummins Battery with Charger

Do you know? Cummins Pulse Ultra Plus range of batteries comes along with dedicated SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply) based battery charging device.

Cummins Pulse Ultra Plus batteries dedicated charging unit is suitable for space constraint chargerless applications. The SMPS based charging unit extends the life of the battery with active power management.

Cummins battery is the brand you can trust and go ahead for your industrial and home battery requirement needs. We at #MINSA TECH provide the best price for cummins batteries. We also have buy back option for old batteries like genset batteries, dg set battery, automobile battery and inverter battery.

Feel free to reach us out at


Diesel Generator Expert

#MINSA TECH has a wide range of expertise in the field of diesel generator set commissioning, installation, erection and decommissioning. We have been long time trusted partners for popular brands and companies, in and around Chennai. #MINSATECH has a nearly two decades of exclusive expertise in the diesel power generation market. Also with close association with industry leading diesel generator manufacturer #Cummins, enables us to be in track with the latest power generation technologies and enables us guide our customers with the right solution.

On this day we are proud to proclaim ourselves as the “Diesel Generator Expert”, to help our customers and companies to make the perfect choice for their industrial needs. We do on field power requirement & load characteristics study with professional tools and guide our customers accordingly.

To seek our expert guidance feel free to reach us out in our email


Cummins Battery for old Diesel Generator?

We at #MINSA TECH, recommend Cummins VRLA technology to our Customers with old diesel generator sets.

VRLA powered Pulse Lite and Pulse Lite Plus range of batteries, provide ample cracking current in a small form factor. The VRLA technology saves space about nearly 20%, which allows more room for air circulation and cooling. This gives positive effect on the life of the battery and old diesel generator.

VRLA Thin plate technology removes the need for bigger battery for diesel generators.

Be it any old diesel generator from Ashok Leyland, Mahindra Powerol, Caterpillar, Greaves, Kirloskar KOEL, Kohler etc, you can benefit the advantages of VRLA Thin plate technology from the Pulse Lite battery segment.

Upgrade your old dg set with reliable Pulse Lite range of batteries. Contact us to know equivalent replacement Cummins battery with thin plate technology.

Try latest Cummins batteries on your Old Diesel Generators today. Contact us & Get price for battery today.


Cummins Battery

MINSA TECH is the authorised wholesale dealer for #Cummins powered battery in Guindy, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. MINSA TECH offers best quality batteries at the best price. We offer Pulse Battery, Pulse Lite Battery, Pulse Lite Plus Battery, TruStart Battery, Power Maxx Battery.

Why wait? Ask for cash and carry discounts from us.

Get battery price immediately. We also take buy back of old batteries.

MINSA TECH has wide experience in operating with a wide range of customers and markets, with this experience we offer products of outstanding quality to our end customers.

MINSA TECH raises everyday to offer the most attention to our customer needs. We also work on tailored prices for specific customers.

Have a urgent need, feel free to call us for a quote.

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