Cummins battery price ready stock

Cummins VRLA range of diesel generator batteries out perform any other batteries due to patented thin plate technology. It delivers better Cold Cranking Amps (CCA), which is ideally suitable for dg set, generator, starter motor applications.

At MINSATECH We have best price ready stock Cummins battery range, available with us for immediate dispatch. At MINSA TECH, we offer ready stock and best price to our esteemed customers. We also offer, excellent after sales support, actively collaborate with customer and company for any warranty claims and replacement.

The following original cummins batteries are available with us.

AX1006288 Charger Battery 24V/10AH
AX1012843 Battery Pulse Lite 12V 65AH
AX1012844 Battery Pulse Lite 12V 100AH
AX1012845 Battery Pulse Lite 12V 160AH
AX1012900 Battery Pulse Lite 12V 32AH
AX1013233 Battery Pulse_12V_32AH
AX1013234 Pulse-24V-20AH
AX1013235 Battery Pulse_24V_32AH
AX1013236 PULSE_24V_80AH
AX1013237 Pulse-24V-100AH
AX1013418 Trustart 12V-80AH
AX1013419 Trustart 12V 100AH
AX1013421 Trustart 12V-150AH
AX1013472 Trustart 12V-90AH Left
AX1013473 Trustart 12V-90AH Right
AX1013485 Trustart 12V-65AH Left
AX1013486 Trustart 12V-65AH Right
AX1013535 Trustart 12V-180AH
AX1013769 Trustart 12V-200AH
AX1014110 Trustart 12V/120AH
AX1014429 Battery Pulse Value Plus
AX1014757 Tall Tubular 12V150AH
AX1014758 Tall Tubular 12V180AH

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