Cummins Inverter Batteries

Cummins Inverter Batteries are ideally suited for both home, office and industrial environment. Cummins Inverter Batteries are low maintenance battery range offers extended range even in hard conditions. Cummins range of batteries has been powering various industry segment such as mining, construction, compressor, infrastructure, cement, steel, and heavy commercial vehicle starting applications with patented proprietary VRLA technology.

Benefits and features of TruStart Industrial Battery:

  • Charge eye – Unique best quality acid level indicator that endures many cycles
  • BIC vents – Ensures reduction in acid loss over time.
  • Ultra low maintenance technology – reduces topping frequency
  • Higher CCA – Radial grid based design gives adequate power thrust for starter motor applications.
  • Rugged Construction – Endurance is built-in with ribbed container, that is built to resist shock, high temperature and vibration.
  • Special hybrid alloy – Water loss is significantly minimised, promoting longer life span.
  • Factory filled and charged – Use immediately in the end application.
Battery Part NoBattery RatingLengthWidthHeightApprox. Weight (Kg)CCA (JIS)RCT (min)CCA (JIS)
AX101348665 R26017318.11840011518+18
AX101348565 L2601732251840011518+18
Battery Range

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