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Lubrication pays off

Noria Corporation has been working on enabling reliability through better lubrication process.

For more than 20 years, our approach has changed how organizations manage and monitor lubricants for maintaining optimum reliability and safety. We are the trusted advisor to the world’s leading organizations.

Crude prices raising and with recent price raise notification from #Valvoline. Industries shouldn’t undermine the importance of lubrication of their capital equipments.

Machinery’s get too hot in summer and there by increasing the wear and tear. Save your investments from rust, wear and tear and heat. We at #MINSATECH have a wide range of solution.

From lubricant identification, testing and recommendation, we will make the right choice for you and your industrial needs.

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Valvoline ready stock best price

Valvoline range of industrial lubricants have unmatched reliable performance.

A true companion to your business. Valvoline products are of outstanding quality.

The Valvoline brand is supported by Indian team captain Mr. Virat Kholi.

Valvoline oils and lubricants, offers innovative liquid technology at very affordable price for your industrial consumption needs.

We at MINSA TECH are authorised distributors for Valvoline Cummins.

Our journey with Valvoline Cummins has been very fruitful and we were able to serve thousand of happy customers.

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We have ready stock of the following Valvoline products and offer best price (updated 23/10/2020).

Diesel Special Multi 20 W40( 200 + 10 )#501921
Soluble Cutting Oil -20 Ltr
Transformar Oil (Power Oil)
Apar Is 335/1993 EHV Grade
1/209 Ltrs
Valvoline 102 SG-1/20 Ltr 505437
Valvoline 150 1/210ltrs # 500878
Valvoline Agma EPGear Oil 220/210 Ltr # 500561
Valvoline Agma EP Gear Oil 320 1/20ltr # 500563
Valvoline Agma Gear Oil 320 1/210ltr # 500564
Valvoline Airshield DEF (AUS32) 1/200 Ltr # 504323
Valvoline All Fleet 30 SAE 1/210ltrs # 500270
Valvoline All Fleet Gold 1/11 # 504956
Valvoline All Fleet Gold1/50 Ltr
Valvoline All Fleet Gold 1/55ltr #503593
Valvoline All Fleet Gold 5L
Valvoline All Fleet Gold CI4 #500280 1/210ltr
Valvoline All Fleet Premium CH415w40 # 500284
Valvoline Awh VG 150 1/210LTR #500575
Valvoline AWH VG 32 1/210 LTR 500578
Valvoline AWHVG 46-210ltr 500581
Valvoline AWH VG 68 1/20LTR #500583
Valvoline AWHVG 68 HYD Oil 500584
Valvoline BB EPL2 Grease 1/180KG # 504945
Valvoline Coolent Green Oil 1/210ltr
Valvoline Coolent Red Oil 1/210ltr
Valvoline Cummins All Fleet Gold 15w40 CI41/20
Valvoline Cummins All Fleet Gold CI4-15ltr # 502411
Valvoline Cummins Crown Oil # 500522 1/210 Ltr
ValvolineCummins Drive Trans Oil C4 SAE 10w 1/210
Valvoline Diesel Special Turbo15W40 503205 CF4
Valvoline Diesel Special Turbo 15 W40 CF4#503206
Valvoline Drive Trans C4 SAE 30 1/210L # 500587
Valvoline Drive Trans Oil C4 SAE 10W 1/210Ltrs
Valvoline Drive Trans Oil C4 SAE30 1/20ltr
Valvoline Drive Trans Oil C4 SAE 30 1/210
Valvoline EHVI 100 1/210ltrs # 500590
Valvoline EHVI 46 1/210ltr # 500591
Valvoline ElG Air Lub #500594
Valvoline ELGI Airlube 1/50ltr # 500595
Valvoline Gear Gard 80w90 1/55 # 505139
Valvoline Gear Gard Ep 140 # 500522
Valvoline Gear Gard EP 80W90 #500518
Valvoline Gear Gard EP90 1/20ltr # 505143
Valvoline Gear Gard Ep 90 1/210 # 500527
Valvoline Gear Gard EP 90 1/55ltr # 503717
Valvoline HLP 32 # 500598 1/210ltrs
Valvoline HLP 46 1/210ltr#500599
Valvoline HLP 46 Supper Clean 1/210 # 501918
Valvoline HLP 68 # 500600 1/210 Ltr
Valvoline Koolant Classic 1/210Ltrs # 506336
Valvoline Koolant Concentrate 1/210ltrs # 500205
Valvoline Koolant Concentrate 210L # 500205
Valvoline Lithium Grease EP2 1/18kg #505345
Valvoline LMP Grease NLG 3 1/10kg
Valvoline LMP Grease NLG3 1/18kg #505164
Valvoline LMP GREESE NLG 3 #500548 1/180kgs
Valvoline MP3 Grease 20 Kg
Valvoline Power Select 15w40 1/210 Ltr #506310
Valvoline Power Select Max #506309 1/210ltr
Valvoline Premium Blue 15w40 CH4 1/210 # 500255
Please reach us out for immediate dispatch requirements to info@minsatech.comValvoline Premium Plus 15w40 CI4 1/210
Valvoline Premium Plus 15w40 CI4 1/210ltr#505393
Valvoline Premium Plus CI-4 Plus SAE 15w40
Valvoline Premium Plus CI-4 Plus SAE 15w40 E1
Valvoline Rock Dril Oil -# 500611
Valvoline RPO 02 DW #500886 -210ltr
Valvoline Soluble Cutting Oil 1/210ltr # 500614
Valvoline Superkool Extra 1/210ltr -# 503531
Valvoline Superkool Xtra 1/210lte 503531
Valvoline Thermo Medium 1/210ltrs # 500621
Valvoline Transformer Oil 1/2 10 Ltr
Valvoline Transformer Oil 500631 1/210 Ltr
Valvoline Unitrac FR3 1/210 LTR 502123
Valvoline VG 100 # 500574
Valvoline XLD Plus 10W 1/210L # 500638
Valvoline Geargard Super GL585W140 1/210ltrs # 500523
Valvoline Power Select Max Plus 15W40 1/20L # 506854
Valvolin Power Select Max Plus 15W40 1/55L # 506853
Valvoline Power Supreme 15W40 CF4 1/210ltrs # 500250
Valvoline PowerSelectMaxPlus CI4 Plus 1/210ltrs # 506311

Please reach us out for immediate dispatch requirements to