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Working from home & power crisis

Inverter / UPS – Uninterrupted Power Supply , DG – Diesel Generator are the solutions available to tackle the power crisis menace. Summer is not yet started, Chennai is already grappling with the power crisis. Below are the few recent article, that are hinting tipping point of the ice berg.

Notice the impact a power crisis would create to your career. Also frequent power cuts, may create setbacks. Avoid the career crisis, order now the best quality #Cummins Inverter Batteries from Minsa Tech.

Battery CapacityBattery WarrantyBattery Part no.
12V, 150AH TT36 MonthsAX1014757
12V, 180AH TT36 MonthsAX1014758

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Lubrication pays off

Noria Corporation has been working on enabling reliability through better lubrication process.

For more than 20 years, our approach has changed how organizations manage and monitor lubricants for maintaining optimum reliability and safety. We are the trusted advisor to the world’s leading organizations.

Crude prices raising and with recent price raise notification from #Valvoline. Industries shouldn’t undermine the importance of lubrication of their capital equipments.

Machinery’s get too hot in summer and there by increasing the wear and tear. Save your investments from rust, wear and tear and heat. We at #MINSATECH have a wide range of solution.

From lubricant identification, testing and recommendation, we will make the right choice for you and your industrial needs.

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Why more power cuts in summer?

MINSA Tech being in the power generation solutions, over with a decade of industrial infrastructure experience, have accumulated the key findings that cause more power cuts during summer.

  • Hydro electric power generation reduces
  • Power demand for cooling and comfort systems like fan, AC, cooler
  • Power lines sag more during the heat wave and may snap at night as the temperature cools.
  • Heat wave causes human fatigue and causes delays in the power projects and maintenance.
  • Transmission losses spike with increase in temperature, there by reducing the net power delivered.

Protect your manufacturing, production, research, medical, academic, industrial, small scale, maintenance, remote, operation, design, development and associate projects from power outages.