Can we call it “Half Batteries” ?

Are you still using Ordinary batteries for your Diesel engine applications? You should reconsider and consider upgrading to Cummins Pulse Lite VRLA batteries.

Cummins VRLA technology batteries are typically smaller and light weight than other batteries. Half battery can be an interesting name to refer to a Cummins battery. Not just being “Chhota” but also with “Chilli”. Checkout our catalog for exact dimensions.

Cummins Pulse batteries are power packed with higher CCA (simply more current/amps) to crank up the engine instantaneously. Higher CCA Cummins Pulse range catalogue offers batteries for your wide variety of needs.

Cummins Pulse’s very reliable patented VRLA technology is the distinguished feature that comes with promising battery warranty of 24 months. Cummins Battery warrant comes with no ifs and buts, simple and serving.

Let’s discuss, if you want us to find a battery fit for you , be it any brand,

  • Ashok Leyland Diesel Generator
  • Mahindra Diesel Generator
  • Kirloskar KOEL Diesel Generator
  • Cummins Diesel Generator
  • Perkins Diesel Generator
  • Caterpillar Diesel Generator
  • Silent Diesel Generator
  • Green Diesel Generator
  • Luminous Generator
  • Microtek Generator
  • TMTL Generator
  • Eicher Generator
  • Affinity Generator

MinsaTech shares today our successful journey of being with the market leader #Cummins for more than a decade. Be sure to buy Cummins from Minsatech . Contact us for your battery requirements for your diesel generator at


Diesel Generator Expert

#MINSA TECH has a wide range of expertise in the field of diesel generator set commissioning, installation, erection and decommissioning. We have been long time trusted partners for popular brands and companies, in and around Chennai. #MINSATECH has a nearly two decades of exclusive expertise in the diesel power generation market. Also with close association with industry leading diesel generator manufacturer #Cummins, enables us to be in track with the latest power generation technologies and enables us guide our customers with the right solution.

On this day we are proud to proclaim ourselves as the “Diesel Generator Expert”, to help our customers and companies to make the perfect choice for their industrial needs. We do on field power requirement & load characteristics study with professional tools and guide our customers accordingly.

To seek our expert guidance feel free to reach us out in our email


Cummins Battery for old Diesel Generator?

We at #MINSA TECH, recommend Cummins VRLA technology to our Customers with old diesel generator sets.

VRLA powered Pulse Lite and Pulse Lite Plus range of batteries, provide ample cracking current in a small form factor. The VRLA technology saves space about nearly 20%, which allows more room for air circulation and cooling. This gives positive effect on the life of the battery and old diesel generator.

VRLA Thin plate technology removes the need for bigger battery for diesel generators.

Be it any old diesel generator from Ashok Leyland, Mahindra Powerol, Caterpillar, Greaves, Kirloskar KOEL, Kohler etc, you can benefit the advantages of VRLA Thin plate technology from the Pulse Lite battery segment.

Upgrade your old dg set with reliable Pulse Lite range of batteries. Contact us to know equivalent replacement Cummins battery with thin plate technology.

Try latest Cummins batteries on your Old Diesel Generators today. Contact us & Get price for battery today.


Why buy Original Cummins Battery?

Cummins range of industrial diesel generators and other high valued industrial equipment can’t be trusted with low grade non original batteries.

With low grade batteries, projects/industries often experience the following:

  • Over heating
  • Fire hazard
  • Explosive / Melting
  • Acid leak
  • Poor quality
  • Gas leak

Be sure to buy Original Cummins batteries from a authorised source and that too from your trusted Cummins battery distributor. #MINSATECH


EXCON 2019 – Cummins engine – Valvoline – Lubricants

Our principals Cummins & Valvoline exhibited their products in EXCON 2019. Entire generator and lubricants product line up was showcased at Bengaluru. Virat Kohli is the brand ambassador (shown at the back drop).

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#valvoline #lubricants #viratkohli

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EXCON 2019 was a fabulous display of the engineering by our principles, Cummins, Valvoline. The exiting variety of product range satisfies a range of Industrial user base. The reliability of the product range from our principles is outstanding and product service experience for our customers has been very remarkable.

We at Minsa Tech are extremely happy associating our selves with Cummins, Powerica, JN Machineries, Caparo, Valvoline.


Cummins celebrates 100 years

Cummins has emerged as a undisputed leader and has been very successful with a diesel engines and generator segment.

Cummins is known for their outstanding engineered products. Customers using the Cummins product line.


Commissioning Erection Installation

Generator Exhaust Stack Commissioning

Minsa Tech executes turnkey installation projects of DG Sets and Exhaust stack all over Chennai, Tamilnadu and neighboring areas

At Minsa Tech, we take up engineering tasks, such as installing of

  • Platform for DG Sets
  • Installing of 30m exhaust stacks
  • Piping for water lines
  • Compliance based execution
  • Execution of turnkey solutions
  • Technical consulting for industries
  • On-field diesel generator set requirements study
  • Feasibility study and advisory

#Cummins #Valvoline

Commissioning Erection Installation

DG Set installation

Power rental
Acoustic enclosure

Fabrication of towers electrical AMF panels and busducts

Generator installation
Consulting services