Valvoline BORILO PLUS has been specially formulated with sophisticated additive chemistry, selected imported Group II hydrocracked base oils with inherent superior thermo-oxidative stability for screw compressors to enhance the equipment life. It provides satisfactory lubrication under wide range of operating temperatures and load conditions. Valvoline BORILO PLUS is designed to provide outstanding thermal and oxidation stability leading to drain intervals up-to 1000 Hours, very good demulsibility performance and outstanding corrosion & rust protection.


  • Valvoline “BORILO PLUS” Compressor oil is “THE LIFE BLOOD OF YOUR COMPRESSOR” & is recommended by Valvoline for world-leading OEM’s –Ingersoll- Rand , ELGI-Equipments, Atlas Copco, Chicago Pneumatic, Kaesar, Sullair, Kirloskar & Other makes of Compressors
  • The product is also suitable for use in Rotary vane & screw air compressors both in stationary and mobile air compressors
  • Suitable for both Diesel Powered & Electrically Powered Models of Compressors

Performance Benefits

  • *Outstanding oxidation stability leading to drain intervals up to 1000 Hours
  • Outstanding anti-wear & anti-corrosion protection
  • Superior non-foaming, demulsibility & air- release properties
  • Outstanding thermal stability maximizing compressors efficiency & longevity