Power MaXX

Tall Tubular Batteries Suitable For Home Inverters Power MaXX lead acid batteries are designed using tubular plate technology, ideally suited for backup power applications, such as inverter and UPS. The tubular plate construction offers longer cycle life and excellent reliability for frequent discharge in long duration. These Low Maintenance Lead Acid (LMLA) batteries consist of plates made of highly corrosion resistant spine grids using proprietary lead alloy composition, which ensures long cycle life on regular deep cycling.


  • Ultra-low maintenance
  • Reliable performance with affordable cost
  • Quick recharge
  • Compatible with all inverters and UPS
  • Longer back up


  • Advanced high surface carbon used for enhanced performance.
  • Optimised negative paste for fast charge acceptance.
  • Usage of low antimony alloy for ultra-low maintenance
  • High porous & oxidation resistance gauntlet for extra backup & durability
Brand NameCapacityPart NumberDimensionsFactory filled & Charged (weight in kgs)
Powr Maxx12V, 150AHAX1014757502x190x41054±3%
Power Max12V, 180AHAX1014758502x190x41061±3%

Cummins Power Maxx batteries provide outstanding reliable performance. We recommend using original OEM spares and parts.

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