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Chennaiyin tech club (CTC) is powered by Minsa Tech India Pvt Ltd, Chennai. 
We are building an interactive connection between engineers, managers, technocrats, and specialists of multiple disciplines. CTC members will share the wealth of their knowledge and experiences with other members’ benefits.

As a member of this club, you may author brief articles on various technical subjects. Your contribution will be published, in CTC future newsletters under your name. You may also seek an answer for a problem faced by you. Also can give your valuable solutions to others thereby mitigating theirs. By subscribing and actively participating in this CTC platform, you are not only helping yourself but also others in this community. It is needless to state that your reputation is bound to go up among other members.
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Before your join, here are few things that would kick start a few questions in your mind.

  • How to select a soft start and VFD for a system?
  • Is the Chemical electrode type is acceptable by CEIG?
  • How coil coolers are better than conventional cooling towers?
  • What is the effect of Harmonics on Machine PCB controllers?
  • Does lubricating oil have a shelf life?
  • What is the block loading capacity of a Genset?
  • Why oil traces are detrimental to STP operations?